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Tira Mi Su & Mascarpone

Dickson 发表日期 :2008-07-28 类型:美食diy-烘焙甜品
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Recently, I read some articles about Tira Mi Su in POCO, but something wrong was found in them.

One of them is  '

actually, the name of this classic dessert translates as 'pick me up' in Italian, which is said to derive from the fact that it

is so good  that it literally makes you swoon when you eat it. Or as a nourishing dish to be eaten when feeling low.

The second is '

Hay, guys, it is a easy job---No specially difficult, need not any highly technical skill of cookery or bakery, just follow the

right recipe, like Martin Yan always said' I can, you can, Yan can', do not believe that, just try it. ( I have originally

Italian recipe of this dessert, want it, and just free feel to ask me.) 

Mascarpone is a silky-textured, soft, thick cream cheese, original from Lombardy, and made with cow's milk, in southern

Italy mascarpone is sometimes made from buffalo's milk. Technically speaking, mascarpone is not a cheese at all, but

rather the result of a culture being added to the cream skimmed off the milk used in the production of Parmesan.

(Parmesan is my favour.)